A Lentil and the ABCs

Some of us have been waiting with bated breath for the sequel of one of the better YouTube videos around.  That’s right, folks. Marcel the Shell is BACK.


In a similar vein, I just learned that a video I posted, oh, five years ago, has reached 9,659 hits.  Obviously the Marcel the Shell video got about ten times that many views in its first day alone, but for a rudimentary, pixelated midterm editing project that I shot in my living room with a green sheet, semi-posable art class wooden hand, and the patient help of an awesome, awesome friend, 9,659 hits is pretty great.  Even if they were spread over five years.  The best part about the whole thing isn’t even my juvenile approach to stop motion (for which I earned an A, HA!); it’s the song. You can’t find this video if you search for it with general terms in YouTube.  It’s buried waaaay deep down.  So while I guess those 9,659 people who watched it might be spending a little too much time online, I thank them for their viewership. Onwards to 10,000!