Towels Free, Mustaches Extra

Came across this little gem of time-yellowed archival material from 1939 at work today, replicated for your reading pleasure below.  It’s completely irrelevant to what the work project will ultimately be about but made for some fun reading.  I wish I had seen it three years ago for wedding menu inspiration, although I guess if this kind of stuff was still en vogue The Knot would have yet another “to do” (“Write menu poetry liberally speckled with puns and wit and have your calligrapher sketch it on onionskin sheets that white doves will carry in their bedazzled beaks to each and every rehearsal dinner guest! If you want!”) to add to their “Panic Inducing List of Half a Billion Things That We Try to Make Brides Think They Need to Do to Prepare for Their Weddings or ELSE.”

No matter.  I’ve got at least three friends in my back pocket that would appreciate having this style of printed menu when they come over for dinner.  Ok, two friends. Ok, one friend, and my husband. And the friend is my sister.  Also, we won’t be having anything on the menu because it took me so long to make it that we’re eating dry spaghetti and a can of beans from the cabinet.

June 3, 1939

“Think as you munch how hunters tense and grim
Risked everything, risked life, risked limb
To lure the savage olives from their lair
That we might have them on our bill of fare!”
-R. Daughters, B. ED.

“How when I stare upon this small red sea
My thoughts sing me this lyric litany:
How exquisite, ineffable, how super-luscious,
How lovely looks m’lady when she blushes!”
-D. Taylor Coleridge, A.B.

“This of resistance should be the very piece,
One half a pound, no less, immune from grease.
And though we land that fine philosophy:
That in short measure life may perfect be,
Ah, Wilcox! mark you, let there not appear
The faintest vestige of short measure here!”
-E. Dooley & Com., OGPU

“Hats off to him with ringing rhyme
Who raised the spud to heights sublime
Who gave the lowly pomme-de-terre
A fluffy, creamy, regal air.
Greater than Ickes or Jim Farley
He was a real animal rationale.”
-Shea & Labouvie, FAC.

“Dutchmen like their fragrant cheese,
Their foamy beer and skittles.
Lawyers dote on fatted fees
And quick acquittals.
But asparagus and native peas
Are my fondest victuals.”
-E. Solemando, A.B.


“Ice Cream! Did I hear you say?
Then let the horses have their hay,
But tie me, lash me e’re I swoon
To a deep-grooved large-sized spoon!”
-E. Krohn and M. Mahaney, B.S.

“Join in the dancing if you’re able
To leave your plates at the table.”



Good Things to Come

The past two weeks saw a blowout wedding in Washington, DC (where we rubbed elbows with Jack Black and Paul Rudd and drank Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey – GET SOME), and another wedding in Philadelphia, in which the best man was “flown” down the stairs to the Top Gun theme song to deliver his speech, and dance moves were measured in how sweat-soaked the Mr.’s tie was by the end of the night (3 inches past the Windsor knot. Life record?). There were Halloween-appropriate power outages in the suburbs where we visited my family, Chromeo proved impressive at the Electric Factory, Wayne & Garth, a fleet-footed and friendly caped luchador, a lost leather jacket, and 6 servings of PopChips and York patties between two people on the plane ride home. Not saying who. And this after watching my mom’s demonstration of how many grams of fat are in a burger and fries, represented by scoops of 20-year old Crisco.  (More on that later). The flight attendant was not impressed by the crumbs.

We’re going to see Childish Gambino tonight at the House of Blues. I’m excited, because he’s got the smartest lyrics I’ve heard in forever, all peppered with generation Y references.  The kind of lyrics you feel smart after you’ve figured them out, if you can get past all the extremely explicit stuff. And there’s a lot of it. So we’ll see.

Oh, and I start a new job on Monday.

Life feels a little like this right now, minus the static bar:


So my four readers (cough direct relations cough) will notice a backlog in posts that won’t last long, because I had this for breakfast:

Recipe: Fry an egg in butter or olive oil, over easy, and serve with/on anything.  In this case, polenta with a few tablespoons of spaghetti sauce because you haven’t had time to go to the grocery store. Salt and pepper. Inhale while very warm, and then face life with a full belly and a smile.

Two Years

Two years ago today we got hitched with some of our closest, wonderful family and friends there to share in the day and throw confetti at us. And help everything run smoothly – a trillion thanks for that.  Especially to the moms and dads. The rehearsal dinner was exquisite. The speeches were killer (both nights!). The dance floor was hot, sweaty, and joyous. The band was pure amazing. Even the grandmas were moshing, albeit in their own way, to a polka and “Yellow Rose of Texas.”  Two of the numerous uncles, one a Jesuit priest, got up to the mic and whistled and sang Otis Redding. There was a spontaneous outburst of Jets and Sharks song and snapping during picture hour. The rain didn’t matter a whit, and crammed in the back of a car with loads of tissue paper, abandoned sportscoats, umbrellas, and my huge rumpled dress, we waved to a school bus full of co-revellers en route back to the hotels. I didn’t even taste the cake. I married my best friend. It was the best day of  my life.

Because this is a (somewhat) food-centric blog, I figured I’d put up the menu from the evening. I remember the polenta as being delicious; everything else is a lovely blur.

Sashimi Tuna Cones: Spicy Ahi tuna blended with ginger and cilantro in a crisp shell
Panzanella Spoons: Cherry tomato, English cucumber, perlini mozzarella, basil and micro-croutons tossed in a light red wine vinaigrette
Water chestnuts wrapped in bacon (you have to get something wrapped in bacon. Water chestnuts were the compromise).
Crispy Eggplant with Minted Tomato Confit and Goat Cheese: Small rounds of eggplant rolled in seasoned Japanese panko breadcrumbs and fried, then topped with diced tomato, julienne of mint and a small mound of goat cheese
Tapas Shrimp: Jumbo shrimp sautéed in extra virgin olive oil, garlic and lime juice
The Love Note: A phyllo envelope of Asian pear, goat cheese and caramelized shallots
Slow Cooked Duck: Slow-cooked duck served on a corn pancake and topped with grilled pineapple chutney
Pistachio Chicken: Chunks of white meat chicken coated with pistachios and finished with Sambucca liquor

Salad of field greens with balsamic vinaigrette and toasted pine nuts
Rosemary chicken or Moroccan-style braised brisket of beef
Soft parmesan polenta and string beans with toasted hazelnuts and shallots