Holy moly Steve Winwood.  I’d say you’ve still got it, but it appears you never lost it in the first place. Saturday night’s concert had Matt getting his groove on in the aisle at the Bank of America Pavilion. The grooving isn’t unusual in and of itself, but taking it to an aisle only half-sheltered by a torrential downpour means something special was going on up on stage. The space at our assigned seats just didn’t have the circumference required for full range of extreme dance motions.

I could wax poetic about the musical prowess of the band, that 7-minute drum solo, the guy that played four instruments (sometimes two woodwinds at once) and sang backup vocals, how Winwood and Bill Nighy have got to be related, and the awesomeness of Winwood’s 1990s New Mexico button down shirt, but better to just urge you to go see him and his band yourself, if you can make it. If you’re really lucky, maybe he’ll even play “Valerie.”