This Is How We Do

Took a little trip to the homefront last weekend to visit the family and celebrate my sister A’s birthday (she of the “Medical Fact of the Day”). In true grade school teacher fashion, my older sister managed to smuggle a triceratops pinata unnoticed into the house and stuff it full of candy and Disney princess chapsticks.  (Just to be clear, no one in the household is under 19 years. 17 years, if you count Belle the cat, whose physical appearance is the precise opposite of the meaning of her name. Also, she has adult onset diabetes.).

In the early morning hours, we rigged up the piñata to hang from a branch of the Japanese maple in the front yard, woke A up, blindfolded her, and marched her outside to take a few swings in her pajamas. All this because in addition to conducting outdoor Christmas decoration battles, we really enjoy showing the neighbors that we’re classier than them.

My dad is really concerned about maintaining a low profile on the internet, but these pictures are just too awesome not to share. This is what you get for grabbing all the candy and the Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine chapsticks while we were distracted and examining the busted piñata. I guess some people just never forget kid protocol when candy is on the ground. Also – a big shout out to Mom who kept the anti-candy comments to a minimum and didn’t veto us eating KitKats with our pancakes.