Make This Now: Ratatouille

I seriously underestimated ratatouille.  You’d think after watching the movie by the same name, one would have at the very least an appreciation for the dish that brought a sneering, discriminating, albeit cartoon, food critic to tears.  But, no, it seemed to me that the dish was a just a watery, poor excuse for a lasagna.  No noodles?  No cheese?!  But with several yellow squash and eggplants languishing in the fridge, and two very ripe tomatoes with fault-line cracks (they rolled off the counter because this apartment is slanted), there was nothing left to do but make it.

And boy am I a convert.  So much so that I’ve made it twice in four days, loosely following this recipe because I had no red peppers and used yellow squash instead of zucchini.  Somewhere in the slicing and the salting and the roasting, a richness of flavor comes out.  The Good Food Matters blog author writes: “deep candied vegetal flavors” and “caramel-like juices”!  She’s right – it’s true. But if that’s not enough to persuade you, I’ll leave with this:  please, please make this as soon as you can.  It’s the quadrumvirate (can that apply to non-masculine terms?) of awesome meals – cheap, easy, delicious and nutritious.