Spring Has Sprung

It always seems to me that spring calls for fresh starts much more than January 1, that hangover holiday with its sideways sleet and jean cuffs ringed with crusts of snow-melting salt. Somehow making a resolution to do or be better comes easily when lush, green newness is sprouting up everywhere. There are about a million shades of the color right outside our window, including the shoots and buds and leaves taking over the garden/cluster of potted plants squatting on the fire escape.  There’s new animal life in early progress too, thanks to the parcel of pigeons rutting away on said fire escape who leisurely snip off chunks of our pea vines for refreshment in between their bouts of  lovemaking. Iced coffee is back, and welcome. (To be fair, this is a Dunkin Donuts town and for most, iced coffee never left. But it’s seasonal for me).

Not as inspiring but definitely a sign of spring, the South End ice cream truck has begun its rounds. In a modern day Inferno you might find this thing driving loops around one of the milder circles of hell, plaguing the lecherous politicians or convenience store thieves in that circle bonkers with its classic ice cream truck songs blaring on repeat, “punctuated by car horns and a crazy woman’s voice yelling “HELLO!?!” as one Chowhound commenter aptly wrote.

So where are we with spring resolutions? Besides the usual sprucing and cleaning and trimming down, this season we’re aiming for more homemade projects including but not limited to: sprouts from seed, the most ideal and pleasant chicken partnership you’ve ever heard of, stocks and sauces from scratch, a canning extravaganza, denim cutoffs, family oral histories, and a romantic date attending a welding workshop. We’re looking to incorporate more and varied vegetables into the ol’ weeknight meals. We’re going to travel to a few new places, hike more often, watch the new season of Sherlock, and, come hell or high water, buy a new bedspread.

Sounds like a pretty good spring to me.

A’s Medical Fact of the Day

Photo from Debtorby.typepade.com

My sister A, a second-year med school student, occasionally contributes Medical Facts of the Day. Though I’d prefer not to sandwich food posts around information like you’ll see below, these are fun for their shock appeal. Don’t you feel bad that she has to sit in class and absorb all this information?  With a straight face?? And more fun for me – I get to create the most eclectic group of tags ever separated by commas in the history of blogging!  Without further ado…

A’s Medical Fact of the Day:
Lessons from Immunity, Infection and Disease
Activities, places, food, and other things to avoid if you do not want to catch a horrible infection or parasite:
  • walking barefoot
  • spas and pools
  • fresh water
  • brackish and salt water
  • the tropics
  • the town of Norwalk, Ohio
  • caves
  • pine forests and river basins
  • anywhere a saguaro cactus is growing
  • breathing in urban areas
  • breathing in rural areas
  • meat of all varieties
  • sushi, oysters, crab
  • fresh-water fish
  • salt-water fish
  • you vegetarians think you are safe? watercress, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, spinach, raspberries, snow peas, lettuce, cantaloupes
  • Jamba juice (strawberry)
  • fried rice
  • food at catered events
  • marijuana that has been stored in barns
  • air conditioning cooling towers
  • hotel bedding
  • cruises
  • triathlons
  • 9-banded armadillos, prairie dogs, beavers, bats, reptiles, pigeons, pet birds, dogs, cats
  • bugs with 6 legs
  • bugs with 8 legs
  • centipedes
  • daycares and children in general
Now, go enjoy life! Just don’t buy marijuana from anyone who grows cantaloupes on a cave farm in Norwalk, OH, has kids, and runs triathlons on cruise ships with catered food.