The last time I started watching the Qatsi trilogy I was hunkered down in a bottomless couch in a pitch black room with an intense sound setup wishing for some edibles, but just as quickly not-wishing, the opposite of wishing, because should previous wish had been granted, my head might have exploded. Fun to have been reminded of that experience while watching Alt-J’s video for “Taro,” which repurposes shots from Powaqqatsi, the second in the series.

Alt-J (∆) – Taro from David Dean Burkhart on Vimeo.

Haven’t had enough time to absorb the album to call out favorite songs, so you might as well download the whole shebang and throw on the noise-cancellers.

Stop Motion Thursday

Best song and video of all time? Might be Sledgehammer. Give it thirty seconds, and watch your mood ratchet up from gloom to gloooorious.  It’s kind of a handy thing to have in your back pocket for days like this when the whole world seems a puddle.


In honor of the stop motion technique, here are a few other winning videos: