Goh-T-Yay. Gotye

Just to clear the air…:


Four months into listening to this genius of an artist and I’ve finally figured out how to pronounce his name. For those four months it didn’t really matter that we said “Got Yay” (hear the college kids snicker from here to Sacramento. Or high school kids? Because they sure do start young these days), as anyone that I mentioned the artist to hadn’t yet heard of him. Probably because the people I mentioned him to probably consist of my sister in med school who doesn’t have time to blink let alone listen to music and the squirrel that lives in our wall. But even if I’m not hip or avant garde, Gotye sure is!!

I was so into his behind-the-scenes making of an album, I nearly caused us to miss the $267-per-ticket blowhard Mission Impossible For Tom Cruise to Give Up the Ghost IMAX 3D DLP Projection. Or something along those lines. The main takeaway here is don’t bother with an aging Tom Cruise. (Ok, I’ll give you the Dubai skyscraper scaling scene). Watch this instead. Not only is it free, but it will have you imagining what you could do with a few thrift store LPs and the rusty xylophone you’ve had since kindergarden. That, my friends, is priceless.


The creative process on display is just so cool – the mix of the old and the new, building respectfully on others’ creativity – all described in a really approachable, normal way. His sound is Peter Gabriel plus a more respectable Guster plus solo-Sting on a leash plus Beck, slightly tempered. Kind of?  At any rate, I’m looking forward to seeing him live at the intimate venue that is The Paradise. The tickets are basically the same price as Mission Impossible, but I’m sure it’ll be ten times the show.

Monday Morning Music


There is no replacement for Peter Gabriel, but Gotye could be his little brother, or at least a cousin. Try “Somebody I Used to Know” (above), “Eyes Wide Open,” and “Hearts a Mess.”  If you like “Somebody,” keep going and look into Kimbra.  I know what I’m listening to today.



Friday Afternoon Playlist

1. Gramatik – Friday

2. Gotye – Learnalilgivinanlovin

3. The Doors – Peace Frog

4. Pointer Sisters – Happiness

5. The New Mastersounds – Make Me Proud!

6. Stuff – Feelin’ Alright