Radio Silence

Seems that little spark has dimmed down low but perhaps the act of putting down a word and then another and another will flare it up again. In the meantime, I could subsist on this band alone for weeks, and have been.  They’ve been around for a while but Hype Machine had one of their to-be-released-in-September songs up; the rest is my happy little history.  But until I ran into someone else who had heard them, no one could demonstrate how to pronounce the name. Men-o-meen-na? Mee-no-mee-na? Nope. You say it just like the muppets do below, which elevates the band another 25 rungs on my Great Band Name Ladder. (Warning: If you press play, please accept the inevitability of mind humming this for the rest of the day).


Tuesday’s farmers’ market yielded some very pretty but especially lip-puckering red currants.  They pair nicely with Menomena’s song “Tithe” and a little glass of chilled Sakonnet Winterwine  – not a Game of Thrones references but rather a RI dessert wine procured during last weekend’s happy little jaunt to a southern MA beach town.  It took only an hour to reach our friends’ summer rental, where we shared a vegetarian meal they prepped in a teensy tiny kitchen: potato salad, deviled eggs, sauteed swiss chard, green beans with dill, and lemonade with seltzer  – a reminder of how good summer bounty can be when cooked simply and well.  Then on to the beach, followed by a quick wine tasting. It was the best kind of spur-of-the-moment day trips – good food, great company, and beautiful surroundings – and one that was especially welcome after a week that had seen more downs than ups.  So here’s to going up.