I Feel a Surge of Deep Satisfaction

It feels like the type of late Saturday afternoon when, in the early 2000s when most of us weren’t away at school, my sisters and I would be gathered in and around the kitchen, doing homework, helping mom with dinner, or just dwelling in the in-between dusky time that precedes dinner. First one downstairs would claim the warmest spot in the house, which was on the side counter by the heater vent. ¬†Inevitably someone would commandeer the CD player, and depending on who, we’d hear 90s favorites or Disney show tunes or classical, or perhaps the Gladiator soundtrack. Dad would pad in quietly from wherever he had been reading about the time-space continuum, slippers and plaid and slightly wrinkled khakis, and burst into song if the mood struck. Mom would get hiccupy giggles, and we’d all join in the chorus. ¬†A very pretty picture indeed, though one that more often than not dissolved into an argument between one or more sisters that could persist through half of dinner but resolve itself by washing dishes time.

We still have some of these afternoons, on the rare holiday when everyone is home, but not often enough in my opinion. So in honor of those times, I’ve assembled a likely playlist. Sisters, enjoy!