When working late pays off…

Last Friday Matt beat me home by an hour and a half. When I walked through the door, I was greeted with this:

Those are bison burgers blanketed in melted cheddar with a heap of red onions.  And a side of homemade sweet potato chips. And a be-stubbled husband with a dish towel neckerchief.

So I’ve got to ask…

What on earth does one do to repay such a kindness?

A retaliation of slow-cooked pork shoulder? A barrage of oozy chocolate lava cakes??  A plethora of panko-crusted, spicy barbecue-dipped chicken tenders???

There’s a pint of Cutty’s pork fat in the fridge. Methinks that’s a pretty good place to start.

Punch Brothers

Coasting in on the aftershock as usual, I just heard Punch Brothers for the first time on the radio this morning. Believe it or not, there are some really, really awesome people in this world who still listen to music radio and don’t have cable.

These guys are so good I sat in the car for three minutes after the parking meter ran out so I could listen to the whole song.  Straight up risked a $300 parking ticket, or whatever gouge-tastic rate the Brookline meter maids are doling out these days. Worth it just to bask in the dexterous banjo playing and bow slaps, the singing weaved up, down, through, and around all manner of scales.

Has anyone seen them live? Seems like that would be ridiculous. They are playing in Burlington on Saturday, a short hop from Stowe where I’ll be traipsing around this weekend through the non-snow, not skiing. With headphones on. Probably listening to Punch Brothers.