My older sister – teacher extraordinaire, craft maven, the social-est of butterflies, got married last month to her love of several years. (And about him I would say: reserves of compassion and patience unparalleled, eternal Deadhead with the very driest of wit).  You can’t sum up a wedding weekend in just a few words, but let’s just say there were lots of Italians, stunning purple hydrangeas, the most capable and bossy church coordinator ever in all creation, bobby pins, coral-themed everything, homemade ricotta cheesecake, a crazy quantity of ridiculously musically talented family members, the traditional Jesuit-led singing of “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay,” and an exquisitely beautiful reception venue. Not to mention the surprise father-daughter choreographed dance to this:

So here are a few pictures of the lead up to their wedding to commemorate the event.  (The real photographers photographed the ceremony and reception, which is for the best because pre-speech sweaty palms do not a good photograph make). Meanwhile, the happy couple honeymoons in beautiful Hawaii…

S & Mema


S, Mema, V


J, S, J

4 generations

Dad & M


A & Mema

Dad & Mom

J & S


S & J

M's book



bridesmaid gifts

S & A

2 thoughts on “Hitched

  1. Helen – this is PERFECT! What great photos, and sweet words! You are a doll to memorialize that beautiful weekend in such a loving way. Yes, there were a lot of Italians! And yes, OK….you can all be honorary Italians – now that you know what a good piece of homemade ricotta cheesecake tastest like! XOXO Joyce 🙂

    • Thanks Joyce!! If there was one thing my jumbled ethnic heritage contained, I wish it was a little Italian! But now I get to experience it vicariously, which is almost as good. What an awesome weekend, and what a great future ahead for both S and J and the combined families.

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