Childhood Music Archives

When Ace of Base was getting big, I was still popping in cassette tapes while my peers rocked those flashy compact discs. No big deal, because in late 1992, our household finally got its first CD: Supertramp’s Classics, Vol. 9.  As good as Buddha, Malin, Jenny, Joker and “The Sign” are, they don’t hold a sputtering candle to “Crime of the Century” or “Give a Little Bit” or a dozen other Supertramp songs. If you haven’t listened to them lately, please put them on and enjoy a few tunes. Enjoy them just like this happy crowd:


It’s not difficult to claim superiority for Supertramp over Ace of Base, but really our musical tastes weren’t/aren’t that well informed. My family’s early collection also contained “The Bodyguard” soundtrack, Green Day’s “Dookie,” and a regularly spun Ghostbusters II record. Regularly. Ghostbusters II. I don’t think we ever even saw the movie, so I’m not sure how we ended up with the record but there it was wedged between “Mousercise” and “Kukla, Fran and Ollie.”

Mousercise really should have its own dedicated post. We had great whirling dervish dance parties in footed pajamas to that record. Any other children of the 80s that know what I’m talking about?



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