Targeted? How?

There usually aren’t mind games associated with the targeted ads you see on Facebook, at least in my experience.  In a relationship?  Get ready to be inundated with engagement ring photos. Like a documentary? Here are suggestions for other films, maybe a few festivals. Recently graduated? Click on this to read a few (a zillion) articles about how you’ll never find a job in this economy.  Just got married?  Within a few seconds, Facebook will throw out some extremely unsubtle hints for where to buy diapers and cocoa butter in bulk, on the cheap.

However, I can’t for the life of me figure out what in my profile, comments, likes, general aura inspired these brilliant ads to show up on the sidebar earlier today:

Thoughts and suggestions are much appreciated. Also, a fleshy palmful of babies is a rather ill-advised enticement for inspiring me to get my ultrasound tech degree online. A kid getting smacked by fat (in slow motion!!!) on the other hand…

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