Frozen Hoagies

It may be 60 degrees out in the shade, but when you see a pink and white truck with “FROZEN HOAGIES” hand painted across the front and sides, you darn well better stop. Summer isn’t the only time for ice cream, but if you’re hellbent on it being fall, just check out the seasonal flavors – pumpkin, maple, sweet cream, on a gingerbread or pumpkin cookie.

This truck was a new addition to our SOWA stroll, and the 6-people-deep line piqued our interest.  Up close, the details are perfect – the afore-mentioned hand painted lettering, carefully drawn whiteboard signs with the specials, a precocious, whip-smart little boy entertaining customers and answering questions about the product, the pure Massachusetts accent from his mother taking your order, and behind her, tupperware boxes stacked with tower upon tower of fragrant, homemade cookies.

There were some grumbles from the Mr., who had his heart set on a frozen yogurt all week, but they were quickly stifled after we were handed the sweet cream ice cream on gingerbread cookie monstrosity you see pictured above.  In fact, the first bite elicited the following comment: “F*!@% Pinkberry.” (Rest assured that this was uttered far out of hearing vicinity of the little boy, his mother, and all Frozen Hoagie patrons).

An avowed Twitter hater, the Mr. even said he might have to join it just to follow this truck’s feed and find out where it’s parked.  I’m inclined to agree.

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