Hanna was gamble that paid off.  We gave it a shot after it cleared our stringent requirements for Rotten Tomatoes ratings (and by stringent I mean 70% or higher on a discriminatory day, 60% or hirer on an indulgent one) and were pleasantly surprised.  It’s got superbly executed action sequences, relatively solid acting (if you can get past a few stock characters and Cate Blanchett’s weird husky Southern accent), and a seamlessly integrated Chemical Brothers score that elevated the whole shebang.  Even though things go a bit bizarre towards the end (why are they meeting up in a deserted German amusement park again?), there’s something satisfying about watching a that freckled little girl annihilate men three times her size, and cleanly.  It’s a good Friday night movie after a draining work week, and 10 bonus points to you if you can guess the last line of the movie at least three minutes before it’s delivered.  My mom is really good at that.

One thought on “Hanna

  1. I get more than my nose from mom. I had the last line as soon as she started walking down the roller coaster. Also the inside of my lip is all raw from the suspense.

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