A’s Medical Fact of the Day

Today brings us our first guest post on The Wobblin’ Goblins. (Huzzah!) My sister A, a second-year med school student, will contribute Medical Facts of the Day. Though I’d prefer not to sandwich food posts around information like you’ll see below, one can’t deny that she begins her guest post series with a real zinger. And more fun for me – I get to create the most eclectic group of tags ever separated by commas in the history of blogging!  Without further ado…


As I sat in my chaise lounge armed with a slew of colored pens, highlighters and a sizable stack of index cards listening to the recorded lecture of one of my Virology professors, I learned this interesting fact:

“Herpes” comes from the Greek word meaning “to creep.” In the 4th century, B.C., Hippocrates described the propensity of cold sores to “creep” from single vesicular lesions to pustular, coalescent ulcers.

Incidentally, this professor has the amusing habit of going off on tangents about personal stories and tirades about improper diagnostic methods still abundant in clinical practice. He shared that his Maine Coon has a feline form of herpes that, like the human strain, is reactivated after periods of latency. This would be positively devastating if it were not for available antiviral treatments.

The good doctor also compared antibodies to the “cork on Steve Martin’s fork that prevents him from impaling his eyeball.”


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