It Was a Good Day

BC tailgate – bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon, our host’s homemade bloody marys with fresh horseradish, and mimosas. The Mr. almost took out five eyeballs uncorking the champagne, but all ended well.  Even though BC lost. It was a beautiful, hot afternoon game and we spent a solid portion of the time observing how the freshman look more prepubescent every year.  Or perhaps we’re just getting old?

Afterwards we had a late lunch at Toscano in Beacon Hill. Go for the food of course, but don’t forget to check out the decor details – gorgeous wooden floors with visible saw marks, hefty silverware (seriously – put the knife tip on something and its weight does the cutting for you), the glowing handcrafted light fixtures and sconces.  Please get the speck pizza if you’re in for lunch or split it as an appetizer at dinner.  Later in the fall and winter they put the rigatoni norcina back on the menu, and let’s just say it involves a heady combination of perfectly al dente pasta, finely ground sausage, cream, truffles… Yet another reason fall is a great, great time in Boston.

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