Hurricane Irene

There’s a carpet of green leaves on our side streets, and a few larger bows that peeled off older trees to sag and settle on the ground. On Rutland, a huge branch with a waist-sized circumference blocks the road and is cordoned off with yellow police tape. People were out and about around 2 p.m., some already picking up debris, when we decided to go for a walk.  We ended up at the Prudential Mall, meandering through the passageways with a number of other people, most of whom were foreign tourists appearing dismayed at the shuttered stores but sharing in the sense of adventure that comes with extreme weather conditions.  The best part of the day was taking a loud elevator (the whoosh of the winds was very loud in the Prudential lobby) to the Top of the Hub, where we watched the clouds speeding past and the nearly empty rainswept streets below.

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